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About Us


(Founder, Willie Horton Sr.)

The Greater Cleveland Junior Golf Scholarship Fund (GCJGSF) was established in October 1980 by five (5) Cleveland area parents.  This tax exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization is designed to provide an instructional program for youth, ages 6-18 in the sport of golf.  The primary target group is underrepresented children.

Our objectives are to provide:

  • Golf instructions to youth ages 6 through 18 years old.

  • A comprehensive instructional golf program based on current PGA guidelines.

  • A structured program that develops and rewards excellence in the achievement of academic and personal goals.

  • Financial assistance and information towards their pursuit of higher education beyond high school.

  • Access to a network of mentors from the Greater Cleveland business, professional, religious and political communities.

Leadership Team


Jamie Taylor '02

Executive Director

Adrienne Clotman

Adrienne Clotman

Co-Fundraising Manager


Deborah Branson

Co-Fundraising Manager


Faith Egli

LPGA Instructor


Emily Jones, '20

Program Director


Darlene Toney

Co-Fundraising Manager

Marjorie Kountz-Treasurer.jpg

Marjorie Kountz



Brian Owens

Topgolf, Director of Instruction

Board of Directors

Adam Claytor.jpg

Adam Claytor

Joyce Boone.jpg

Joyce Boone

joyce shinn.jpg

Joyce Shinn


Ronald Jones

Sean McKinley.jpeg


Sean McKinley, '14

Woodrow Whitlow.jpeg

Woodrow Whitlow

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