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Our Beloved Jeff Staker

It is with great sadness that we learned our beloved Jeff Staker passed away Monday night. His wife, Linda, reported that he had suffered a massive stroke last Thursday, which led to the cause of his passing. Jeff Staker was the PGA Professional for the GCJGSF back in the early 90's  and returned in 2015. He has impacted the lives of so many of our golfers and mentored some into  pursuing golf careers.

"Jeff was my first PGA instructor when I started with the GCJGSF in 1992. He not only taught me the game, but he gave me a job at Shawnee Hills when I was 16 so that I could work on my game and learn the business. If it had not been for Jeff Staker, I would not be the LPGA Golf Professional that I am today." - Jamie Taylor, President

He was looking forward to coming back and working with the youth this summer. We will surely miss him. He is survived by his wife Linda, sons Andrew and Peter, their wives and three grandchildren.

Due to the COVID-19, funeral arrangements will be postponed to a later time. We will send updates as we receive them from his wife and/or Fred Lissauer. Please keep Jeff's family lifted in prayer.

Remembering Jeff. . .

"Jeff was one of the first to ever teach many children including myself about the golf swing and the mindset that goes with it. He was an all around genuine man. His love for the game was known the second he started talking. You could hear it in his voice. Whoever he taught or worked with was much better because of it. We were very lucky to be able to have him as a PGA golf instructor, coach, and friend. He was so dedicated to helping children learn the game of golf. He will be truly missed." - Carl Rose, Program Director

"I will definitely miss him. We had some great times in the Junior High League when I coached our G Force teams and he was the coach of Staker's Stooges.  Great uplifting times." - Ted Morris, parent

"Jeff was always encouraging and gave great care in teaching the junior golfers. My heart goes out to Fred and the Staker family. Jeff will truly be missed." - Kim Bogan, Instructor

"Jeff was and is an icon both in my natural and golf families being a willing teacher to the GCJGSF family and personally my teacher of record as well as both of my kids (Layla and Donovan).  Two things that stuck out about Jeff:  Both Jeff and Fred would be the first to dawn the royal blue uniforms of GCJGSF and were very proud to do so. Jeff made sure that although he was a PGA professional, he was so humble to not be considered higher in status because he was a PGA professional. Jeff will surely missed."- Duane Morris, Treasurer

"Jeff was a gentleman. He respected the junior golfers in a special way. When he delivered instruction, he always did it in a non-threatening but caring manner. Rest in peace, my gentle giant, you will be missed." - June Taylor, Girls Golf Site Director

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