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Weber, the Face of Program Excellence

COLLEGE: Cuyahoga Community College

HIGH SCHOOL: Nordonia High School

Maxwell Weber, affectionately known as, Max, has been a member of GCJGSF for seven years. He was a member of the Nordonia Middle School program partnership. Joining the program was his introduction to golf.

When Max shows up, there are nothing but smiles! He is our first unofficial "GCJGSF Greeter" because whenever he arrives, he warmly shares smiles and hugs with the volunteers and his fellow GCJGSF members. His love for connection is what made him passionate about golf! He always looks forward to seeing his friends on Saturdays and during tournaments. In fact, after his junior year, he considered leaving his high school team, but a "frenemy" from another team SnapChat him, to tell him that he was looking forward to playing against him in the coming season and Max instantly decided he couldn't leave the team.

"We developed a great connection, even as opponents, and our friendship extended beyond the golf course.

The communication skills that I honed on the golf course have proven beneficial in my pursuit of a career in film and photography. Communication is key to networking, and networking has opened doors for my creative career. I am looking forward to further developing my skills at Tri-C and being able to utilize these abilities to help organizations like GCJGSF tell their stories and further their missions to help others.

Max, we hope you do come back. We'll be waiting for our hug!

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