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Dodson Receives 2022 College Scholarship

COLLEGE: Savannah State University

HIGH SCHOOL: Shaker Heights High School

Angela Dodson has been a life member of GCJGSF starting at the age of 6! She took a while to enjoy the game and admits that she didn't really take to it until her sophomore year when she joined the Shaker Heights High School varsity golf team. This was the turning point for her because her confidence started to build and her scores improved. She did so well that she became the captain of the team and secured the #1 spot!

As a graduating senior, Angela will be the first GCJGSF member to receive the Scholars Scholarship. This award goes to a member who demonstrates exceptional academic ability, as well as, growth in and a commitment to the game of golf. When asked how has GCJGSF impacted her, Angela said,

" One aspect of the program that I really enjoy is how we have mini lessons before playing our round for the day. Although I have been golfing for a while now, these mini lessons remind me of the fundamentals of golf. No matter how long you have been playing the sport, it is important to remember the basics.

Angela has already given back to the organization by volunteering at our LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Renee Powell recruitment clinic and playing with the beginners on the Par 3 course.

She will be attending Savannah State University in Georgia on a golf scholarship and will be majoring in Biology. After graduating college her ideal plan is to go to medical school and eventually become a doctor.

We will miss Angela's beautiful smile and warm spirit! We know she will do great in Georgia and will be rooting for her from C-town!

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